New Season of the Assemani Seminar

Following the warm reception of the Assemani Seminar in the first half of 2022, we launch another season, this time focused on East Central Europe. In the ten sessions of this series, scholars specialised in different periods and regions will discuss the history of various Eastern Catholic communities from the early modern period until the twentieth century.

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25 October 2022
Anca Șincan (ICSU “Gheorghe Șincai”)
“I was never silent again”: Greek Catholic women building the underground church in 1950s Romania

15 November 2022
Michał Jasiński (IHN PAN)
Warsaw and Rome: The Significance of Basilian Residences in the West

6 December 2022
Barbara Skinner (Indiana State U)
Rethinking the ‘Reunion’ of 1839

10 January 2023
Anatole Upart (RSA)
Between Rome and Borderlands: Printed Images and Texts

31 January 2023
Radu Nedici (U of Bucharest)
Greek Catholics and Orthodox: Dealing with Confessional Otherness in Habsburg Transylvania, c. 1750s–1760s

21 February 2023
Melchior Jakubowski (IH PAN)
Building a Uniate monastery: The Case of Krystynopol, 1763–1781

14 March 2023
Greta-Monica Miron (Babeș-Bolyai U)
Image and Confessional Identity in the Bishopric of Făgăraș-Transylvania (18th Century)

4 April 2023
Anna Bisikalo (Harvard U)
Young Hearts and Minds: Recruiting a New Generation of Clandestine Greek Catholics in Western Ukraine, 1968–1980

25 April 2023
Wioletta Zielecka-Mikołajczyk (Copernicus U in Toruń)
One of Many or an Original? Organization of the Uniate Diocese of Przemyśl against the Background of the Kyiv Metropolis of the Eighteenth Century

16 May 2023
Frank Sysyn (U of Alberta)
Religious Union and the Formation of Confessional Allegiance: The Transformation of Rus’ through the Union of Brest